Frequently asked questions about Fili.

How do I enable Redis-backed dimensions?

To enable Redis on local machines, you need to set a couple of properties. In src/test/resources/userConfig.properties or in an environment variable, override the following properties:

  • set the test__dimension_backend property to redis
  • set the test__key_value_store_tests property to redis

I use IntelliJ. Is there any way to easily sync up with Fili’s code styles?

For the moment, we have distilled the most important code style conventions with respect to Fili’s code as IntelliJ settings. If you are using IntelliJ, you may import these code style settings by importing the Fili-Project-intellij-code-style.xml file in the root of the repo. The setting for the project will appear as a new Scheme named Bard-Project under your Editor -> Code Style section.

Alternatively, you might check the xml file that is included in the jar and map its settings to your development environment.