Key Performance Indicators - Fili Web Service

These are the key performance indicators for the Fili Web Service component, listed in categories by order of importance.

Server Error Responses (HTTP 5XX)

Shows how much trouble the service is having.

  • com.codahale.metrics.servlet.AbstractInstrumentedFilter.responseCodes.serverError.m1_rate

Druid Errors

Shows how much trouble queries are having against druid.

  • druid.errors.exceptions.m1_rate
  • druid.errors.http.m1_rate


Shows how many requests the service is serving.

  • com.codahale.metrics.servlet.AbstractInstrumentedFilter.requests.m1_rate
  • com.codahale.metrics.servlet.AbstractInstrumentedFilter.requests.m15_rate

System Metrics

Shows the overall health of the system’s low-level resources and activities.

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Network IO
  • GC Pauses


Shows duration of overall requests and druid requests. (m1_rate and pN)

  • com.codahale.metrics.servlet.AbstractInstrumentedFilter.requests.p50
  • com.codahale.metrics.servlet.AbstractInstrumentedFilter.requests.p75
  • com.codahale.metrics.servlet.AbstractInstrumentedFilter.requests.p95
  • com.codahale.metrics.servlet.AbstractInstrumentedFilter.requests.p98
  • com.codahale.metrics.servlet.AbstractInstrumentedFilter.requests.p99
  • com.codahale.metrics.servlet.AbstractInstrumentedFilter.requests.p999
  • druid.requests.p50
  • druid.requests.p75
  • druid.requests.p95
  • druid.requests.p98
  • druid.requests.p99
  • druid.requests.p999

Rate Limiting Rejections

Shows if users are hitting rate limits.

  • ratelimit.meter.reject.ui.m1_rate
  • ratelimit.meter.reject.user.m1_rate

Active Requests

Shows load at a given point in time. (ie. how close are the load is to the limits of Druid)

  • com.codahale.metrics.servlet.AbstractInstrumentedFilter.activeRequests.count

Bad Request Responses (HTTP 4XX)

Shows how much trouble users are having interacting with the API.

  • com.codahale.metrics.servlet.AbstractInstrumentedFilter.responseCodes.badRequest.m1_rate
  • com.codahale.metrics.servlet.AbstractInstrumentedFilter.responseCodes.notFound.m1_rate